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Explore the wonder-filled glade and all that is has to offer.  Grab a drink and gather around the fire pit to watch the sun go down over the water meadow.

3 Big hat tipi tents which are fully kitted out with long tables and benches, and hundreds of twinkly fairy lights.  There is a dance floor, stage and chill out area.

We serve woodland inspired cocktails, locally brewed beers and wine from award winning vineyards just down the road.  Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of bubbles at a big celebration?  The Champagne Shack has been made completely of recycled materials – you may be able to spot the names of the local farmer printed onto the apple crates. 

Kit’s Hut is an original Shepherds hut from 1905. Kit’s hut is somewhere reserved just for you.  If you need somewhere to change outfit or just have a moment to catch your breath, this is it.  On a summers evening you will be able to watch the long peachy sunsets from here.  

The bathrooms are a Hensel & Gretel style tin chapel in the woods, where guests can powder their nose or just hang out as it is a lovely little spot.
We built the chapel during lockdown of 2020 and most of materials are from Preston Court, salvaged from other buildings. Some of the timber used in the building was felled from chestnut trees grown here too.

‘Wild Roots Pizza’.  Our very own authentic wood-fired pizza shed.  It is  built out of recycled materials and crafted around the trunk of a magnificent fallen oak tree, the trunk forming the counter top over which the pizzas are served.  Its large upturned roots on display in the centre of the woodlands at The Wilderness.  Part of the tree is still very much alive.  

Gigglebox video diary.  A Video booth on steroids.

Gather and sit down in these hand crafted sofas.  The fire is lit early evening.  Its right next to the Champagne Shack and tree house so there is no need to worry.

Built from salvaged materials and new for 2024.

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April Wedding

Preston Court Farm

Preston Court is hidden away on the other side of the farm.


It’s the perfect escape into a magical world of nature.