Peacock Image

The Water meadow

Full of wild birds, butterflies and flowers

Re-wilding of the water meadow

You will likely see farmer Bertie’s cows grazing the water meadow in the autumn.  This helps to keep the natural balance of the pasture and also to fertilise the grass.

The vision is to restore the natural marsh and water meadow landscape of the Little Stour valley.

Just so you know in advance, the ceremony area on the water meadows may not be fully viewable all year round due to our commitment to wildlife and in conjunction with the wilding and natural regeneration programme of this carbon sink.  When the water lays on the peatland the meadows gradually return to their natural state with overwintering buntings and sedge warblers and to support the return of beavers and water voles, rare shining ramshorn snail and we hope, dipping birds such as plover and lapwing.  This important and rare peatland captures and stores atmospheric carbon dioxide which is, today, so important.


What we do

We make dreams come true.  No really we do. We have a stellar team of talented people who thrive on hosting.